Michelle Gambino (27) OUR OFFICIAL WINNER

I live in Ferndale. Engaged to Michael. Certified athletic trainer for Henry Ford Health System. I work for Mercy High School in Farmington Hills. I would definitely pick the cash because I have a lot of student loans to pay off, along with house debt; not to mention, my wedding coming up in April.


Jennifer Greytok (32)

I am a stay-at-home mom living in Taylor. I am also married to Ryan with two kids named Boston & Katelyn. If I end up being the lucky winner, I would pick the money because I had to rent a car to get here today. My husbands car died on Friday, so I left him my van to get the kids to school. I will buy my husband a new car with the cash I win.


Mohned Aledany (19)

I study at Henry Ford Community College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I have two younger brothers and one little sister. I am not sure what I would pick because the car is bad ass.


Beth Cole (37)

I am married with 2 girls. I am a licensed veterinary technician working in Rochester. Currently drive a 2011 Equinox. I would take the cash because of all my student loans and bills. Then I can take my kids to cool places.


Kimberly Doran (24)

I am a leasing consultant for an apartment complex. I am a single mom with a 7 year-old son named Damien, who I am doing this competition for. I would love the car, but I NEED the cash. I currently drive a 2008 Chevy Equinox and the cash could even get me in a new one.


Bradley Greenfield (26)

My birthday is on thanksgiving this year. I work at Bush’s Market in Farmington Hills. “I am a big car freak guy and currently own a charger. I would definitely pick the car because I have had my eye on the hellcat ever since it came out. I could never afford one but this once in a lifetime chance is going to push me.”


Carolyn Rizzo (51)

I live in Howell. I work for the Michigan State Police. I have three kids and my grand child just turned one. I currently drive a 2013 Ford Focus and would pick the $50,000 because I have a ton of bills to pay off. I am playing for my grandson Lucas Robert Rizzo.

Rachel Newman (21)

I live in Roseville. I work for a company called ITC as a dispatcher. If you are not aware of us, we are a power distribution company. When power goes out, I send the crew out to fix it. My dad Ernest is here until I win so thank you for the support. I will win this car for him. Dad says, “my baby gets whatever she wants if she wins."


Janetta Palazzola (31)

Hair stylist from Taylor. I am single mother of threes girls. I would pick the cash because I just bought a house in cash. I currently drive a 2001 PT Cruiser. I am here for the cash, then I can buy a car from Szott with cash.


Cortez Howard (28)

I have two kids: Cortez and Cori. I am a barbor in Detroit and I really don’t know what I would pick yet if I win. I want to thank my mom, dad, baby momma Sabrina and kids for supporting me through the way.


Gino Kassab (19)

I study at U of M Dearborn. I have a family of 9 with 4 sisters and two brothers, one which is special needs. I am trying to win it for him. I would pick the car because you can sell it for more money. I currently drive at 2015 Chevy Malibu.

Frank Brown (23)

I live in Southfield. I am trying to win the car to add to my collection, I already own two. You can never have too many cars, right?  

Jameelah Martin (35)

I am reppin' Southfield. I cook at the Wayne County Jail and am a single mother of 5. I brought toothbrush, toothpaste, house shoes, gym shoes and called off work for 5 days. I had to pay my coworker to work for me. I want to take the $50,000 cash when I win so it’s totally worth taking off work, right?”



Chad Wineman (24)

I live in Flint. I have worked for Comcast for 3 years. I have three kids and I am married to Ashley. I would pick the 50 g’s so I can get my kids ANYTHING they want. I currently drive a 1996 GMC Yukon.


Trenia Chastain (37)

From Detroit, I go to Specs Howard for TV and Radio. I work a non-profit and am a mom of three. If I win I am taking the money to help out my family of course. I currently drive a 2010 Dodge Avenger.


Emmanuel Thorton (29)

I rep my hometown of Detroit. I sell tires in Detroit for a living. If I win I am taking the money so I can get me a used Challenger. His girl Christina is cheering him on and all he has to say is, “Baby, you better help me spend this money.


Ludecius Stewart (40)

I live in River Rouge. I have three kids: one boy and two girls and married to Traci. My wife Traci had to take the kids to school and is headed here to cheer me on after… I am doing this for her.” He is pushing towards the car if he wins. I drive a 1988 Ford Winstar.

Jamal Brown

Jamal Brown (26)

I grew up in Oak Park now live in Westland. I work at Grupo, doing assembly line work on car parts. I would pick the cash because I have some student loans at Wayne State and want to pay them off so I can go back. I currently drive a 2015 Charger.


Michael Champion (36)

I stay in Detroit. I have lived in Detroit my whole life and never plan on leaving my hometown. I work at Welk-Ko Fabricators in Livonia. I would pick the $50,000 if I win because I have bills and a little bit of debt. I am also trying to do a few things to get ahead in life. I also want to start a business.


Jordan Bass (22)

I am a Secretary at the Taylor Animal Shelter. I live in Taylor with my three dogs: Paris, Raegan and Max. If I win I am for sure taking the money. I have to pay some stuff off and fix up my house with the money I win. I have stayed awake for three days once, so I am as ready as can be.

Steven Smithberger (44)

I am a resident of Troy and work for CWC Smarthomes in Madison Heights. I have 4 kids and 2 grand kids. I also drums for Detroit Model Citizens. “Man I am still indecisive on what I would pick if I win, the cash sounds nice right now.”

Mark Sanders (54)

I am a father of 7 kids, all with my wife Stephanie. I have a lot of family rooting me on and will be here on and off. I will last as long as it takes to be the winner. I would pick the car if that is more money… I am an old car guy. Or if get cash is more value then I want that so I can take the kids on a nice trip.

Daniel Lincoln (47)

I live in Redford. I currently drive a 1990 Chevy Suburban with 120,000 miles. I am a mechanic at Select One Group in Lincoln Park. Seth, Mark and Andy are cheering me on back at the shop so I got this. I have six boys with two different baby momma’s. If I win I am taking the money to buy a house because I am renting one right now.

John Eichhorn (50)

I live in Clinton Twp. I have three boys and married to Ann. I work at Prefix in in Rochester Hills. I am not sure what I would pick if I win to be honest. I really could use the cash.

David Harvey (49)

I live in Warren and am a contract illustrator for a defense company. I have a wife named Rebecca with twin boys: Gabriel and Timothy who turn 12 on Friday. I am leaning towards the cash, but having my hands against this car really make me want it.


Katherine Beall (45)

I am from Chelsea. I have two kids with my husband Guy. Jake and Joe are my kids. I work at U of M and am the vet tech. I am not sure what I would pick if I win because the car is pretty bad ass and I do like to drive fast.


Teresa Garner (56)

I work at Araymond as a quality supervisor. I am a mother of 5 and also a grandmother to 7 with two more on the way. I currently 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am not sure of what I want to pick, it depends on what my husband says later

Jason Bennett (34)

I live in Macomb. I work at The Hydro in Sterling Heights. I have two identical twin boys, 2 years 3 months old named: Jackie Wayne & Timothy Michael. I currently dive a 2004 Ford Escape. It’s still up in the air on which I would pick between the car and the cash… but I am going to be the winner.

Michael Devitt (50)

I am a union carpenter for Local 687. I would pick the Hellcat because it is a sweet ride. I currently 2012 F-150. I am a father of three kids and recently divorced.


Charles “Chuck” Thrall (27)

I live in Davison, and am the store manager of the Dollar Tree in Warren. I am married to Paige with no kids yet. The kid in me wants the car, the adult in me wants the money. I drive a 2006 Pontiac Torrent.