A man attempted to run a “pretty” woman off the road to "talk with her at any cost" This guy was nuts and followed her after she dropped her kids off at school and then tried to run her off the road.

What's the craziest lengths you went to just to meet someone? Kristina Fuller had just dropped her daughter off for school. “This man, who I never saw before in the car line, cuts in front of the school buses, blocking everything, just so I could get out, so I waved and thanked him,” Fuller said. Things quickly turned terrifying for the mom when she realized the man was following her. “Every turn I was making he was following me,” Fuller said. When she stopped at a red light, things got even weirder. “He got out of his vehicle, came up to my window and threw his dog on me. I thought it was going to bite me or something so I tossed the dog back at him. He got back in his vehicle and started hitting my truck, trying to push it into the intersection,” Fuller said. Police later identified the man as Howard Van Sweringen. “I was trying to get away. He kept coming up beside me, trying to run me off the road. At one point I made a u-turn. He jumped over the median, blocked three lanes of traffic just to get behind me again,” Fuller said. “I was on the phone with my friend crying, I didn’t know what to do.” Not able to shake the driver, Fuller called the school resource officer to let him know she was headed back to the school for help. Sweringen followed the terrified mom all the way back to school. “The officer there was ready and waiting for him, because I said I was on my way, because I thought it was a parent,” Fuller said. Police took Sweringen into custody. He allegedly first claimed he knew the woman, but, later admitted he thought she was pretty and wanted to talk to her at any cost.