Comedy Central announced they have picked up 'Detroiters' for another season.  The hit show is filmed here in Detroit and actually stars two Detroiters: Tim Robinson (from Clarkston) and Sam Richardson (from Detroit).

The show does an amazing job with local references to our city, from Fowling to Better made potato chips.  Robinson and Richardson star as two ad execs in the city and have great chemistry.  You may recognize Sam from HBO's hit show "Veep" and Tim was a writer/performer on SNL...remember the Z-shirt sketch? One of my favorites.

For those not in the know, I actually interned at Comedy Central back in 2012, as a Digital Development Intern.  With the filming taking place here in Detroit, I am doing all I can to try to help out on season two.  It would be so dope!  Even if it's just bringing food to the set...I know good eats in town so that actually could be a good gig...or, if the show is looking for a homeless character or drug dealer...I think I could fit that profile.  Check out some clips from 'Detroiters' below.