Okay, so, working for a radio station has its perks. One includes having an AWESOME boss who gets you meet and greets and tickets to see (and touch) The Backstreet Boys in Vegas. Yeah. It happened. My friend Emily and I were SO ready.

Detroit to Vegas is a good 3 hours. I’ve been to Vegas before, but I went with my friend, Emily, and it was her first time going! So, we were prepared for an awesome weekend.

We randomly ran into rapper, Wacka Flocka at the Vegas airport. Apparently he saw Emily and I taking shots at the airport bar and decided to come up and strike up a convo. Random.

By the way, I recommend making convo with the party promoters on the strip, because they can definitely hook you up with some cool things, like free entry to clubs and free drinks! Sometimes it pays to talk to those dudes. The Vegas night life is so much fun! We saw ZEDD playing at one of the clubs we went to.

I said the next time I go to Vegas, I’m jumping off of the Stratosphere hotel, and that’s what I did. I had to convince Emily to do it, but she was so happy she did!

IT WAS 855 FEET HIGH. I’m not scared of heights at all, I love roller coasters and all that stuff, but the second I stepped on the ledge, I was like, “Crap.. what have I done” but the second you jump off, it is such a thrill. Pretty sure sky diving is going to be my next thing.

And on the third day, there was Backstreet Boys. Day 3 in Vegas was the show / meet and greet day. I’ve dreamed about meeting the Backstreet Boys since I was 6 years old and it was finally happening. If it wasn’t obvious, I freaked out. LOL. I’ve met a lot of celebrities but BSB was the only group I truly felt star struck infront of.

We went though VIP check in and in this VIP area there was a bar, naturally we got drinks. Mind you, we didn’t eat all day and drank on empty stomaches, and we got buzzed off of two glasses of wine. Great right? After a while they finally called our group to go meet the boys.

The second I walked in, Brian and AJ came up to me and hugged me. Brian asked my name and where I was from and what I did. It was so surreal, I was freaking out on the inside but totally kept my composure. Then AJ and Nick called me beautiful and I kind of just melted. I talked to them for a few minutes and then said, “I don’t know who to stand by for this picture, I love you all.” They all laughed and Nick pulled me close to him. Nick Carter put his arms around my waist, I kind of died. So after a few more minutes of chatting, (we talked about my radio job and Detroit and what not) I told them I was so excited for their show. They all gave me more hugs and we left. I totally cried right after from joy. Their Vegas show was one of the best shows I have seen!

The next day, we left Vegas. It was such an amazing trip with so many adventures and memories. I’m SO ready for the next trip there, haha. And meeting The Backstreet Boys was everything I’ve ever hoped for AND MORE. I’m so lame, but that was one of my main things to cross off of my bucket list. I AM SO HAPPY.