I am the Executive Producer of Mojo in the Morning, referred to on the air as Producer Rachel. As most of you know that listen to us in the morning, I am the fat girl on the show, a word that has defined me my whole life – “fat.” Ah that tricky word, it affects pretty much everyone, whether they need to gain weight or lose it, we are trapped by it. The visceral fat (the fat that hangs down) is toxic and it literally affects your biochemistry and your brain. To put it simply, you crave those awful foods because of that fat – it wants more, I wanted to crawl into a ball and sleep instead of working out because that is what it is telling my brain to do. I may have been sedentary but that fat was very busy growing and expanding. So when you are like me, with minimal will power and no desire to work out, the fat creeps up on you and suddenly you’re a size 18, buying XXL clothes with elastic waistbands and your doctor tells you you are “morbidly obese” and if you don’t start getting healthy you “will die” – ouch.


Full disclosure here – I have tried prescription diet pills, I tried medication for depression, anything except working out and eating better hoping a magic pill would give me motivation (it didn’t). Finally I took the hormone HCG under a doctor’s care in order to lose the initial fat quickly. I was 195 pounds and was depressed so I needed a jump start. I got off HCG and, of course, gained a few pounds back. I knew it was time to get serious so I joined Powerhouse gym (I go to the Novi location) and got a personal trainer because I needed someone else to make me accountable since I clearly was not strong enough to do it myself. My first day there I noticed a sign that said “Body Light Fat Loss Center – Lose 2 dress sizes in 2 weeks.” Well I, of course, marched in there and said “what the hell is this and where do I sign up?” They explained the light to me – it is literally a light they shine wherever you want on your body.  Here is the explanation directly from their website www.bodylightcenters.com: “Groundbreaking research by Dr. Rodrigo Neira proved that certain light wavelengths initiated lipolysis, a process whereby fat cells open and release their contents. The released fatty acids and triglycerides are then converted into energy, reabsorbed, or filtered out by the liver. This widely cited research proves that light therapy can shrink fat cells without diet or exercise.” FYI – BONUS – your skin starts to look amazing too because it helps promote collagen production which has lessened my dark circles, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles on my face PLUS reduced the appearance of cellulite (everywhere else).

As easy as this sounds, I didn’t want to take the easy way out anymore HOWEVER I did want the benefits from the light, I get to contour the parts of my body that definitely need help (arms, back fat, thighs, butt, double chin, and that awesome mommy belly that NEVER seems to go away).  So I signed up for full-body treatments, I have paired it with a sensible diet and I see my trainer after treatments twice a week. After only 10 treatments I have lost a total of 10 inches and 2 dress sizes. I know, I can’t freaking believe it either!

I was a (tight) size 14 when I started Body Light and I just bought outfits in size 10. I am almost a single-digit size! I have tried to diet and exercise at different times of my life and have never lost this many inches, nor has the fat contracted in this way. The smallest I have ever been was a size 6 and my skin looked awful because it was sagging and my belly fat wasn’t going anywhere.

Why do I think Body Light is working for me? I truly believe it’s because I needed a team of people to finally make this fat loss not just a reality but hopefully permanent. The Body Light treatments are so easy and quick that I WANT to continue losing the fat, I don’t want to use it as an excuse to give in to cravings but use the inches lost after every treatment to continue to be healthy. Research it yourself and give it a try, if it doesn’t work for you then all you lost is a few minutes in your life, if it does work for you, well then, you’ll be losing inches!

For more info on Body Light Fat Loss Center go to: www.bodylightcenters.com or call 855-NEW-BODY