People keep asking me what I have done along with BodyLight to lose weight and I have done what we all have done to lose weight - eat less calories and move more. Here is what I sent to a listener this morning, I am NOT a professional, I am simply telling you what has worked for me...

It's cold, we want to just sleep and eat, working out and eating healthy is not something anyone WANTS to do. Calories in vs. calories out sounds simple and it is, it's the mental part that needs to be considered. Our addiction to food can be boiled down to making the right decision and changing our food vocabulary. Delete things like soda, fast food, and unhealthy fats from your food dictionary, when they don't exist anymore then you can't choose them to eat. The journey starts with one step right? Think of this in the same way, every food choice is a step - in the right direction or the wrong direction is up to you.

#1 DON'T BUY THE BAD FOOD AT THE STORE! Cravings are awful, don't make it easier to give in to them.
#2 Eat like you have a gluten and dairy allergy - trick your brain into thinking you will get sick if you eat those foods - delete them from your food dictionary so-to-speak.
#3 Pre-prep meals and snacks for the week so you have something healthy to grab when you need something to eat.
#4 Pick fruits and veggies low on the glycemic index.
#5 I drink tons of water with True lemon packets since I hate straight water (they are in a small box in the baking aisle).
#6 Learn to meditate - when you are craving something bad, drink water, take a moment away and tell yourself "Being healthy feels better than food tastes"
#7 Don't eat past a certain time (I have to be awake at 3am so I eat dinner at 4pm)
#8 Get sleep!
#9 I keep my calories below 1200 (I have a food diary app that helps me keep track).
#10 NO sugar (I use stevia) and no soda, diet or otherwise.
#11 Move more - you don't have to be a crazy workout addict, just move more. When you are cooking do squats, when you are watching TV lift your arms up and down, every movement burns calories.
#12 I avoid oil and butter when I can. If I am grilling I use nothing or olive oil spray. You can use water when you fry food instead of oil FYI.
#13 I don't eat off of my kids' plates.
#14 I allow myself a cheat day.
#15 I don't drink so I keep my liver clean (I am not a big drinker anyway so this was easy).
I pre-prep salads and grilled chicken for the whole week so the food is ready to go. I put balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar on my salad (no dressing, nothing mixed with oil).
I peel tons of grapefruit and put them in little containers so if I do need a snack I reach for that or an apple.
I satisfy my sweet tooth with strawberries which are on the lower glycemic spectrum.
Sometimes I switch out chicken and have shrimp instead or a small steak with all of the fat trimmed.

Remember it's okay to feel hungry, you don't need to stuff your face every second of the day. Keep moving, stay motivated, take it one choice at a time and learn to forgive yourself when you give in to the cravings.

Disclaimer: Before you start any diet plan, it's important to talk to your doctor first.