Michael Strahan is close to joining the cast of ABC’s “Good Morning America."

If you're a Kelly & Michael fan, he'll still be doing THAT show, too. But things are falling apart SO FAST over at "GMA", that he's basically being called in to "stop the bleeding," so to speak.

While some of our sources are saying this arrangement has been in the works for awhile now and is NOT the result of all of the contract drama with Josh Elliott, who left the show abruptly to join NBC Sports (with his sights set on Matt Lauer's job), we're thinking that might not be the truth.

And there's more to the story: Current "GMA" cast member Amy Robach has been promoted to replace Josh. Well, there's drama with her. She and Lara Spencer can't STAND each other apparently, and it's obvious. In fact, the Sr. VP of ABC News confronted Amy just a few weeks ago, calling her "toxic" because of the tension she's created on the set.

Robin Roberts hasn't helped matters either … Sources are telling us she's a big ole diva on the set lately.

Source: Daily Mail