Did ya know there's a feud going on between Nicki Minaj-Iggy Azalea?

It all started when an up-and-coming Iggy suggested that Nicki was lying when she claimed she wasn’t lip syncing during an awards show performance. They've been dissing each other ever since.

Nicki fired some of the most recent shots last month when she mocked Iggy at the BET Awards, and hinted that the Aussie rapper doesn’t write her own stuff. '

And yesterday, another shot, on Twitter, taking aim at Iggy's HUUUUUGE recent success. Nicki tweeted: “Racism is alive and well,. Some people have to put in work. Others get to cut corners. We see it but don’t say it. Welcome to the real world. Continue to strive for GREATNESS.”

Allegations that Iggy Azalea is racist have plagued the rapper throughout her career.

Source: Urban Belle Mag