The End Of An Era

Well, the Detroit Red Wings are all but eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs at this point.  It's been a horrible season for the guys and now we're expecting to see a lot of our talent get traded away to stock up on draft picks and prepare for a brighter future.  The last time the Wings missed the playoffs was 25 years ago, during the 1989-1990 season!  In all of my life I have never seen a playoff without them in it, that's crazy! It's a bummer to see the streak end, but we can still take an enormous amount of pride in what they accomplished in the past two and a half decades.  To get a better picture on how long it's been since they missed the playoffs here's what was happening in the world back in 1990:

-George Bush was just elected, not W. Bush...his father!

-Ice Ice Baby was the hit song on the radio

-Home Alone was a blockbuster hit in theaters

-Nintendo just released its first Gameboy...the thick grey one

-West and East Germany reunited in late 1990

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