Farmington Hills Hosts 'Shlama Foundation' Event

I was so proud to be apart of something so beneficial to so many people who need help! Being Chaldean, this foundation hit home for me.

The Shlama Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps displaced families in the Middle East and also provides humanitarian aid and other community projects that will help people and families in the Middle East. 

The term "Shlama" meaning peace in Aramaic, is just what Noor Matti and his five founding board members of the Shlama Foundation are hoping to bring back to Iraq.

On April 6th, The Farmington Hills Manor hosted the 'Showtime at the Manor' event, which showcased many young artists who sang, danced and played music. 100% of the proceeds from this event went to the cause. I was so happy when I was asked to host the event! I hosted alongside Detroit comedian, Brad Karcho.

Even if you missed this event, the foundation is always looking for donations that will help.

100% of your donation goes toward the project. Once your donation has been received, it will be placed on their Spending List. When it is spent, you will receive an email with receipts, photos, and a video of how your donation was spent. Your name with your last initial will be listed on the website next to the project your donation went toward.

You can visit the website for more information on the foundation and how to donate!

Some goals that the foundation has for 2017 is to contribute infrastructure and economic sustainability to Iraq. Their long term vision is to provide schools, hospitals, and churches to the communities. The foundation is always seeking new donors and volunteers to help make these goals a reality. 

Check out some of the photos from the 'Showtime' event below!

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