The Walsh Bros' Great & Secret Comedy Show

A lot of people have been asking me what I did while working at Comedy Central in college; so, I wanted to share this video I helped make.

While there, I worked as a digital development intern.  I helped the network come up with original multi-platform content (in layman's terms: I helped make videos and funny stuff for their website).  Included in this, was helping on set and creatively with the Walsh Brothers.  A comedy team, and siblings, who are amazing at social pranks.  They can even be credited for bringing "Planking" to America.  The guys are a hoot. I've always likened their show to a family friendly Jackass.  From going to houses pretending they use to live there, to the notorious Naked Yeti the videos provide more than a laugh per minute. Check out their hilarious hi-jinks below.



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