I Want An English Bulldog

Lately, I've become very dog crazy.  I watch Pitbulls and Parolees religiously, I spend a lot of time Google'ing them and watching videos online, i'm hooked.  

I'm a lover of all puppies but I think I really want an English Bulldog.  They're chill and very fun to look at, dare I say they are adorable.  It would be great to adopt, both because it's a great deed and I could save a buck.  From looking at breeders online it looks like they can get super expensive averaging around @2,500.

I'm also concerned about their health problems.  They are prone to many issues, including respiratory and hip would could lead to some pretty expensive surgeries.  Do you or any of your friends own an English Bulldog? I'd love to hear your take and learn more.  Hit me up on twitter @InternJackBlack

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