Five Things I'm Scared Of

I'm scared of a lot of things.  If you listen to the Mojo in the Morning show you know this, and have witnessed it several times...and for that I apologize.  Below are five things that frighten me the most.  I shouldn't be sharing this, but I'm opening up to, please don't use it against me.

1. Bees

-By far the thing I'm most scared of is bees...wasps, to be more specific.  The way they float with their dangly legs eeek.  I shiver just thinking about it.  Even dead bees scare me and I won't go near them.  In case you missed it, Mojo subjected Slim and I to a Spelling Bee, where we were locked in a car and had to spell words, for each word we got wrong bees were released into the car. That's one way to try to get over your fear...

2. Heights

-It took me until sophomore year of high school to go on a roller coaster...and even then I wouldn't go near the Dragster.  I won't climb ladders. And I'll certainly never volunteer to go skydiving  or anything like that.

3. Rejection

-Rejection sucks.  I was never good at being single because I feared rejection so it was difficult to approach the opposite sex with those intentions.

4. Tornadoes 

-Storms are bad enough, you add win and I'll be shaking in the corner like a dog on the 4th of July.

5. Being alone

-I don't like being left alone. I need interaction and company.  At parties I would get anxiety if left alone for a minute.  My mind races and I get all self-conscious and go crazy.  Lawd knows what will happen if M'Lady ever up and leaves.

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