Volunteering At Dog Rescue

M'Lady and I are obsessed  with dogs.  Calling us "dog lovers" doesn't even begin to describe it...especially for her.  She is at her happiest around dogs, it's adorable.  She has also gotten me into Animal Planet's Pitbulls and Parolees--a show about rescuing dogs, specifically Pitbulls.  Watching the show, we decided we have to get involved and do our part.  Since driving to New Orleans, where the show is shot, is out of the question, why not get involved here in our own community?

We reached out to the Detroit Dog Rescue and they were happy to hear from us and welcomed us in to volunteer.  We had heard great reviews of what they do and checking out their Facebook page had us melting.  We had to step up and lend a hand any way we could.

It was such a rewarding experience.  However, it does have me wondering...can volunteers get fired? I hope not! I wasn't that bad, but I usually am not the type to be good at manual labor...or cleaning poop. But I toughed it out and did the work.  After a couple more sessions like that, we will get to walk the dogs and be more hands on with them which I cannot wait for.  M'Lady was so awesome with the pups, too. It was great to watch.  She took charge and had no problem with the dirty work, bless her.

I'm excited to continue our work and will be there every Thursday and encourage you to get involved and volunteer as well!

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