Join Joe at Hush Haunted Attraction

Join Joe and Channel 955 LIVE from Hush Haunted Attraction in Westland on Saturday October 21st form 7pm until 10pm!

HUSH Haunted Attraction has earned a local and national reputation being ranked as one of Metro Detroit's BEST Haunted Houses by Channel 4 News and among the Top 13 in the nation by Coaster Nation, as well being named one of the nation's Top Haunt's by The Haunted Attraction Association.

Known for Hollywood quality sets, high quality actors, and an action packed, heart pumping layout HUSH is back for the 2017 season completely redesigned and larger than ever!

You've been selected by the nefarious HUSH Corporation to join their ranks and relocate to their employee compound the town of HUSH Falls, but things aren't quite right when there's a 12 foot steel wall around a town, see if you can find your way out. Remember the truth you seek lies deep below HUSH Falls through the sewers.

Hush Haunted Attraction's Mission is Simple. They aim to provide unique, year-round immersive entertainment experiences in the heart of Metro Detroit. Our award-winning actors and movie-quality sets come together to create a trip worth losing sleep over.

*Hush Haunted Attraction is one the nations top haunted houses and the most extreme in metro Detroit. Some scenes may be too intense for younger audiences or for any person with a medical condition that may be affected by fear, surprise, horror, terror, or a rise in heart rate or blood pressure.

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