FAMILY: I am the youngest of 4 boys. My brother’s names are Peter, JP and Andrew with two AMAZING parents.

SCHOOL: Graduate of Brother Rice High School (Class of 2011) and Oakland University (Class of 2015)

MY JOBS: Social media director of 6 radio stations in Detroit, including Mojo in the Morning. On-air personality on Channel 955 M-F overnights from 12a to 5a. Weekend on-air personality on Channel 955, syndicated on 104.5SNX in Grand Rapids, MI and HOT 104.5 in San Antonio, TX. Part-Time janitor! 

MOST RECENT NON-RADIO JOB:  Subway Sandwich Artist 

FAVORITE ARTIST: This is the hardest question to ever answer, but I would have to pick based off personal experiences… Big Sean got me through so much in my life. I remember driving to Oakland University stressing over big exams and jamming out to his “Detroit” mixtape. He is more like a big brother to me now and he always comes hangout at Channel 955 with us. 

1st Concert: Big Sean at Oakland University my Freshman Year!

MOVIES: I have short term memory and am TERRIBLE at remembering movies. But I LOVE funny movies like Dumb and Dumber, Step Brothers and Super Bad. Grab Torino with Clint Eastwood is also one of my favorite movies. 

TELEVISION: I honestly do not watch TV. If it wasn’t for Slim being my roommate and forcing us to get cable, I wouldn’t even need TV in my life.  

FAVE APPS: Twitter (@JoeyRadio), Instagram (@JoeyRadio), Snap Chat (@JoeyRadio1)

DREAM INTERVIEW:  Eminem… no one gets that opportunity, I would love it! 

WORST HABIT: I do not sleep!



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