BIRTHDAY:  July 16

FAMILY: It’s just my dad, brother, and me and I’m the baby of the family. By brother is my best friend in the entire world which is weird because we’ve always been that way and there’s 6 years between us.

SCHOOL: I pretty much hit up every school in NW Ohio. I went to two high schools- St. Ursula Academy and Northview (Class 2010). And I hit up both the universities as well. I started at Bowling Green State University and I graduated from the University of Toledo.

MY JOBS: I work on Mojo in the Morning from Toledo (92.5 Kiss FM). Then I also have two of my own shows Monday through Saturday. One is on New Country 103.7 CKY in Ohio and the other is B-93 in Grand Rapids, MI. There’s rarely a time where you can’t catch me on the radio.

MOST RECENT NON-RADIO JOB:  I was the mascot at Red Robin. 

FAVORITE ARTIST: This is way too hard to answer without some kind of judgment. If I list someone random that I love that no one has heard of I’m a hipster. My top 40 artist is always changing but I do love me some Demi Lovato (I would kill for her body). So I'lgo with a classic that no one can hate. I’m obsessed with the Beatles. Everyone likes them right? No one can hate me for that one.1st Concert: Please, please don’t judge me. I was little. I saw Aaron Carter at the Centennial Terrace. It was the most amazing thing in the world to my 7 year old self.  

MOVIES: Again another one that is super hard for me. I try to watch a couple of new movies every week. If we’re going genres it would be way easier. But I love to quote and debate movies all the time. If I had to pick something right now I would pick something Disney or Harry Potter. Honestly the amount of stupid knowledge that will never be useful that I have about those franchises is absolutely insane.  

TELEVISION: I will be the first to admit that I am OBSESSED with the absolute worst shows on television. If it’s trash, I probably love it. If we’re getting serious. Orange is the New Black. OUAT, RU PAULS DRAG RACE is a must. Seriously I’m a crazy fan. Stranger Things, This is Us, The Challenge, Tosh.0, Archer, Ink Master, Shark Tank, The Path, and The Handmaid’s Tale.    

FAVE APPS: Twitter (@MeaghanMick), Instagram (@MeaghanMick), Snap Chat (@MeaghanMick) Seriously hard to remember all those….. also I’m always checking Imgur and the Amazon app for their daily deals. I’m addicted to Amazon.

DREAM INTERVIEW:  JK Rowling, Lady Gaga, Demi- Just because I honestly think we could be friends in real life if I wasn’t a psycho during the interview. I’d like to talk to Miley about her choices in her career.  

WORST HABIT: Oh good question. Umm when I’m stressed I pick off my gel nails. 

DREAM VACATION:  Ireland and London.

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