FAMILY: Is a melting pot of greatness. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Most are step/half, but to me none of that matters & we are all family. My mom currently lives in Chicago and my dad in Michigan, but I am convincing Mom to move back soon! My little girl is 2 and is my world. She is my motivation to work as hard as I do. She was born May 28th and her name is Cecily. I have described the first time holding her as every cry I have ever had all in one. I am not married...yet.

SCHOOL: Graduate of Belding High School 2003 and went to GRCC and MCC before I fell in love with radio.

MY JOBS: Assistant Program Director, Music Director,  On-Air Talent Weekday's 10a-1p on 1045SNX. I also DJ for events/concerts for all of the radio stations in the cluster. As well as host/mix various mixshows on 104.5 SNX. Also, I handle the Grand Rapids syndication of Mojo in the Morning, and on-air with the show!

MOST RECENT NON-RADIO JOB:  I worked in Road Construction for the city. It was right around the time texting was becoming a thing.

FAVORITE ARTIST: Eminem and Adele. I think its hard to have a favorite, but if you take those two and everything in the middle. THATS what I love. Eminem is who I grew up listening to and still get incredibly excited for when anything of his comes out. I used to try to be the first one to find new music, or mixtape's from him.  Adele is incredibly talented. One of my most memorable concerts was Adele at Royal oak, right before she became super famous.

1st Concert: Eminem Anger Management Tour. My parents wouldn't let me go to shows until I could pay myself. So, I was a late bloomer.

MOVIES: Anything Scary or Comedy I will give a shot, Scarface, Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino is a genius), Training Day, The Departed, Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

TELEVISION: A lot of kids shows because, of my daughter...I swear. ESPN, and I will binge watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu.

FAVE APPS: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Pokemon Go (Yes I am a nerd) I have been using Zillow and Truilla a lot because I am looking for a new house.

DREAM INTERVIEW:  I've always said I am done with radio when interview Eminem, but I think that would just push me to do more. I also think Denzel Washington would be a good interview.

WORST HABIT: I am a perfectionist and work too much. Which go hand-in-hand really.

DREAM VACATION: Anywhere that I can have a fruity drink with an umbrella on a beach.

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