Producer Rachel

BIRTHDAY: October 25

I am a married mom of 5. That's what it sometimes boils down to but life is never as basic as that right? I am baby mama #4, my husband has 3 older boys from 3 different previous relationships (don't ask), they all live with their moms so if anyone knows about dealing with split up families it is definitely me! My husband is referred to as Capricorn on the air because when I was single I was trying to date different horoscope signs to test the theory that certain signs are most compatible. I didn't make it very far after meeting Capricorn...

We have 2 children together, a boy Nico who is 6, and a girl, Sophia, who is 5. My husband has his own construction company and specializes in remodeling homes among many other things. 

I have always been in the entertainment field - from my start in TV at "The View" then eventually into radio, I have always been very lucky to be in the field that I love and respect - producing!

I was born in New Jersey, went to college in New York City and then moved to Florida for a bit, then Georgia and, finally Michigan for the past 9 years. I have embraced a laid-back Michigan lifestyle, we love going on the boat in the summer as well as well as hiking and camping all over the state trying to discover new places and things to do. Capricorn proposed to me at Tahquamenon Falls in a canoe, I will remember that trip forever. 

I am the mom on the show the one on the show that’s the loudest, I will most likely really tell you what I think (sometimes whether you want to hear it or not).

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