Woman Removed From Southwest Flight

YOUTUBE- "On a Southwest flight from Baltimore to Los Angeles, police officers grabbed the woman's arms and held her by the chest as they pushed her down the jet's aisle Tuesday night. Southwest claimed the woman said she had a life-threatening pet allergy, but did not have the paperwork needed to fly."

Tough video to watch especially when they say the woman was kicked off the flight for an allergy of animals on the plane. You'd think maybe the person would have more right to a spot on the plane over an animal. 

With that said here is a list of animals I'd give up my seat on the plane for....

  1. Simba from Lion King
  2. A cute dog
  3. A cat I'd never give up my seat for a cat
  4. The Geico in the Geico commercials 
  5. Smokey the Bear

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