A Grandmother Gets Stuck Behind a Clothes Dryer


A video has gone viral of a grandmother getting stuck behind a clothes dryer.  Her husband and granddaughter's husband are moving it into place after a repair while her granddaughter films.

 She starts out with her back against the wall as the other two set the dryer down in front of her.  She hooks it up, but then realizes she's trapped behind it.  First she giggles and admits she has to toot, which makes everyone laugh.  And it just gets more ridiculous from there. 

 The other two try to pull her out by her arms.  And when that fails they give her the moving straps to hook under her butt . . . but that fails too.

 Finally, she lies ON the dryer as they drag her over the top, but she goes too far and ends up upside down with her head between her husband's legs.  She's laughing through the whole thing though. 

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