Are You Uploading Your Nudes To Facebook?!?!


"Keeping your intimate images off the internet may soon be easier because Facebook has teamed up with Australia's eSafety office to test a program aimed at preventing revenge porn.USC Computer Security Specialist Dr. Clifford Neuman has taken a first look at the new Facebook pilot program in Australia that will also come to the U.S.The program is a protection tool. The tricky part? You have to know the picture you don't want spread around, and upload it to a special Facebook program. A new artificial intelligence technology will remember the photo and zap it if anyone tries to post it to Facebook, Messenger or Instagram."

I guess we should first start off with me answering the question "have you ever sent a nude?" UGHHHHH DUHHHH!! Who hasn't sent a nude? No seriously who the hell hasn't? Looking back on it I wish I didn't send them when asked (ya I was asked.. also, guys don't send unsolicited D pics to girls, they don't like it and our peckers aren't beautiful like boobs) but it happens, I was in love (horny).. now back to the blog.

Would I upload my nudes that I know my exes have to facebook ensuring that no one ever sees them? NO! Are you kidding me??! No way this actually works. In the video they talk about how by just changing the lighting in the photo makes it easy for them to post and the system wouldn't know. Which leads me to the main reason for writing this blog, STOP PUTTING YOUR FACE IN NUDES!! It's not worth it.

Anyways my snapchat is JustJoeOnAir...

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