You Can Now Say The "F Word" On Canadian Radio


"It may be still be too blue for English speakers, but authorities in Canada have ruled that the word “fuck” is no longer taboo on French language broadcasts as its use is so commonplace.

The Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC) had previously classified the word as being suitable only for adults in both French and English, banning its use on radio and television to beyond the evening watershed and even then, only with a warning.

But after complaints from listeners that the French-language Montreal radio station CKOI-FM had twice aired clips with the word this year, it changed its mind in a ruling released Wednesday."


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  2. Coffee Crisp
  3. Gettin hammed at 19
  4. Really good maple syrup
  5. Fully nude strip clubs
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  7. Saying "F***" on the radio

And yea you're reading this correctly I can't even write Fu*k this f-c-i-g in this blog. 

Fck, fu*k, fVck

Only thing worse than the FCC with the F word is the iPhone.. IM NOT DUCKING MAD STEVE JOBS.

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