They Found The Millenium Falcon, Also Star Wars Announced A New Trilogy


"Star Wars bosses have hidden the legendary Millennium Falcon in a woods not so far, far away.

The iconic ship, featured in a number of the franchise’s films, currently sits facing the elements and surrounded by trees on the edge of the site of Longcross Studios in Chertsey, a town 27 miles southwest of London.

The prop, which first appeared in “Star Wars” in 1977, is blocked in by shipping containers and covered in plastic sheets to protect it."

HEADED TO CHERSTEY RIGHT NOW!! Honestly to me it funny how this beautiful ship isn't in some type of warehouse, but hey! It's on the Millennium Falcon, nothing too important... anyways..

This is huge for multiple reasons. The first is obviously Star Wars is continuing! Apparently it will be without the Skywalkers but it is clearly in good hands.

Strong praise, Star Wars is in good hands! Now I'm just waiting for November 17th

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