Snapchat Now Has 60 Second Videos


WHAT THE HELL SNAPCHAT?!?!? First twitter doubles the character count and now this. Whatever happened to being concise. Isn't there a beauty in simplicity? I don't even need to watch porn for 60 seconds to be entertained, now I have to watch my dumb cousin and her friends post a whole minute of them singing "despacito"?!?! I don't need to hear anyone fake like they know the words for that long. This is just bad. You ready for a whole minutes of your friend ranting about politics? Don't act like you don't have that friend either because we all do. No seriously, if you're thinking "Joe I really don't", then you're that douche. 

Ya'll remember vine? 6 seconds to be funny. We didn't even need the original snapchat 10 to be funny. #BRINGBACKVINE



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