Selena Gomez Makes Her Instagram Private

Earlier today, Selena Gomez made her Instagram account private...and the internet is going CRAZY over it. Although Selena still has yet to say anything about it, she made the change shortly after calling out Billboard about a recent interview. Coincidence? I think not. In a since-deleted post, Selena snapped a picture from the interview with a comment that said "Never will I let another human guess my words ever again. OR invite them in my home. That is so hurtful. The most 'ridiculous' part of that is no one knowing my heart when I say things." This comment was written directly over the beginning of the interview where the author talked about a life-size teddy bear in her home.

"There's a five-foot teddy bear sprawled across the kitchen floor in Selena Gomez's North Hollywood home. 'I know, I know,' says Gomez, rolling her eyes acknowledging that the stuffed animal doesn't quite blend with the trio of armchairs nestled in the inviting, marble-accent nook. 'It was a gift, and at first I thought, 'This is so ridiculous, I can't wait until I give it away to another person.' But Gomez, 25, hasn't let go of it- yet."

Fans immediately took to twitter jumping to conclusions, most of which were placing blame on the magazine. No need to worry though guys, she's already back off private. I'm not gonna lie, I'm very confused about all of this. Something tells me that teddy bear was from Biebs and he wasn't to happy about this interview..but what do I know??? 



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