Reese Witherspoon Sued Over Gone Girl

Let me just start off by saying that Gone Girl is the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Talk about getting thrown through a hoop, this movie throws you through about 7 hoops and then right back through those same hoops in the opposite direction. Moving on, this incredible movie just landed producer Reese Witherspoon a law suit. 


Yep. That's right. Leslie Weller claims to have written a screenplay called "Out of the Blue" back in 2005 with the same story line as Gone Girl. She sent a copy of the script to a script consultant and believes that consultant then turned over her work to someone else. She says the book "Gone Girl" which came out in 2012 is a total rip off of her screenplay.

Along with Reese Witherspoon, Weller is also suing the books author, Gillian Flynn, and the movie's director, David Fincher. WILD.


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