Nick Jonas Scared Finding Out About Golden Globe

2017 was a year of many firsts for Nick Jonas.

He had his first part in a major studio blockbuster with Jumanji, his first (and hopefully not last) interview on The Joe Show, wrote his first song for a movie soundtrack ("Home" in Ferdinand), and as of this morning he has his first Golden Globe nomination for that same song. You'd think this is a time to celebrate and pop a bottle of champagne or something but instead, Nick Jonas was actually terrified when he found out about his nomination. He wasn't watching the news or monitoring the nominees on twitter, instead he got a good ol' fashion house call.

Nick Jonas told E! News, "My wake up call this morning was one of my friends banging on my door because I wasn't answering my phone. He handed me his phone and at first I feared that something was wrong, but then it was my manager telling me the news and I freaked out. I was like a ten-year old child who just got a new Gameboy."

Not to steal your thunder Nick, but I remember my first Gameboy and I doubt you were as excited as I was on that day.....just sayin.

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