Daredevil Fell to His Death from a Skyscraper

A 26-year-old Chinese daredevil named Wu Yongning fell to his death while attempting a stunt on a 62-story skyscraper.  It happened back in November but the story is everywhere now.

He was doing pull-ups off the side of the building and must have misjudged how many he could handle.  He started to struggle, and then lost his grip and fell about 45 feet to a terrace below.

Wu is a so-called "rooftopper," and he's famous for climbing tall buildings without safety equipment.  He has a huge following on social media. 

According to reports, this stunt was going to earn him $15,000.  He was planning to propose to his girlfriend the next day and was going to use the money for the wedding and for medical treatment for his sick mother.



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