Waitress Whose Friend Stole Lottery Winnings Gets Trip To Disneyland


Talk about finding out who your true friends are...or aren't. Leslie Underwood, a waitress in Arkansas, claims her co-worker and "best friend" of over two decades ran off with all of the $300,000 winnings from a scratch-off that they had agreed to split. After the story went viral, a California man gifted Leslie with a trip to DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!! This guy was a former employee of Disney and gave not only Leslie, but her ENTIRE family an all expenses paid trip to Disneyland. As if that wasn't great enough, he also threw in some VIP experiences like a private tour of the castle, princess make-overs for her daughters and other one-on-one encounters with the characters. Little did this guy know, Leslie had actually planned on taking her family to Disney with her half of the winnings. How neat is that?! It's nice to see that there's still good people in this world. And for all you good people reading this......I also like Disneyland.



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