THE joe SHOW Needs Help Getting Out Of Jury Duty...

First of all, I am sorry. An ignorant mistake was made. I know it is my duty as an American but I really messed up, I will never film with the camera facing up again. 

Now that we are done with that lets get to business. NO WAY IN HELL AM I GOING TO JURY DUTY!! You can't slap on fancy words like "summoned" to get me to show up. This isn't Hogwarts son, you don't have the power!! But I needed an excuse which is why we went to facebook live. So here is what we got.

1. Don't respond to the letter. 

  • To be honest, this one was my favorite. I originally had planned to do this. Kinda like taxes and wedding invites if you don't respond to the mail you can just blame the government for not getting you the required mail. However I already filled out the form and turned it in.

2. Say you're a racist.

  • no.

3. Say you have a bias.

  • I think this is what we have to go with. I'm just a little worried because we had multiple people tell me if I keep going with excuses they will keep me there longer. But hey, I'm about to make February 1st my bitch.

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