Man Requests To Change Name Because Of The President

TMZ - Donald Trump is poison to an actor who's trying to make it in Hollywood -- an actor whose last name is also Trump -- and the guy is pleading with a judge for a name change.

Daniel Thomas Trump is a 32-year-old L.A. actor/filmmaker, and has no relation to Trump. In fact, he says in legal docs, obtained by TMZ, "The name 'Trump' is a shameful embarrassment."

Not going to lie, 3 years ago the name "Trump" was a total power last name. But now times sure have changed and it's pretty hilarious that Dan has to change his last name. He tried to blame it on his father who didn't raise him but c'mon Danny, we know the real reason. Honestly though this shouldn't be a huge deal. If you want to make it big in Hollywood you have to change your name. 


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