Nick Jonas FINALLY Admits He Thinks "7 Things" Is About Him


We've only been waiting 10 YEARS for Nick Jonas to acknowledge the fact that "7 Things" was written about him, and he FINALLY has! The singer and actor sat down with BBC Radio 1, giving his thoughts and feelings while hooked up to a heart monitor for this hilarious interview! 

Although Miley herself has yet to confirm, Nick says there's enough evidence in the video to know the truth...AS IF WE ALL HAVEN'T BEEN SAYING THAT FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS. It's no secret that Miley and Nick dated when they were like 14, I mean they were only the POWER couple of the tween world. Once they broke up (and ruined my childhood), Miley threw major shade at Nick in her epic "7 Things" music video, ultimately setting the bar for how any teenage girl should handle her breakup. 10 years later, Miley is engaged, Nick is just now admitting he knows the song is about him, and all I can hope for is a #Niley reunion. 



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