We Asked Listeners To Rate How Big Of A Douche Joe Is With His New Glasses

Haters gon hate. I learned that from my 12 year old brother Luke. I also learned from Luke if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. THANK GOD no one else follows that mantra because these comments are hilarious. 

Jokes on you I had a man bun about 6 months ago and it was like Dwight and Jim in Traveling Salesman, closed the deal. 

Unfortunately that wasn't the question.... but ya if we are being honest that comment made me laugh pretty hard


Whoops accidentally uploaded that one, let's get back to the hate. 

If I'm being honest I still dont know if they were hating or trying to show me love. 70s are in I think

Oh whoops definitely didn't mean to put that comment in there...  

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