Comedian Steve Brown Attacked During Set


I've told bad jokes before. I pretty much do that every night from 7-Midnight on Channel 955. I have never been attacked for one though. Matter of fact going to college in Chicago I have a lot of friends who do stand up. THEY'VE NEVER BEEN ATTACKED! The courage it takes for someone to get up on a stage with people judging you and you have to make them laugh, not the easiest gig. In order to make it in comedy of any entertainment format you have to be willing to take risks. In The risks you may offend someone which could lead to retaliation from the audience but I've never seen violence. All of this being said when you watch the video it's hard not to think "What the hell did Steve say to provoke this??" Well all reports are pointing to absolutely nothing. Steve was just doing his normal set and a man in the crowd went crazy. 



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