'IT' Star 14 Year Old Jack Dylan Grazer Smokes Weed On Camera


I have a 12 year old brother so when I heard about how a 14 year old child star filmed himself smoking the devils lettuce on social media I was incredibly nervous. America's youth is so easily swayed and seems to have lost all their innocence. The last thing our children need to see is someone their age who is incredibly successful in the wrong. It is a lot of pressure for a child star I understand that but it is the inherited responsibility that comes with an amazing job. My heart fluttered as I opened up the link and clicked 'play'. 

"Joe this video is going to wrong in so many ways. Luke may see this and get the wrong idea." Those were my thoughts and like majority of my thoughts, I was right. Way to waste so much smoke, inhale bro... 

No but seriously listen to Michael Scott.. 



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