9-Year-Old Brings Grandpa's Marijuana Gummies To School

A group of New Mexico students got more than just a sugar high after one of their fifth-grade classmates "accidentally" brought medical marijuana edibles to school. We've all been taught that sharing is caring, and that's just what this 9-year-old girl did.....with her grandpa's pot candies. Officials at the school learned about the mix up after a student went to the school nurse feeling sick and complaining of dizziness. They then found the packaging of the gummies in the garbage and realized exactly what they were. None of the students had lasting symptoms, but they did have the giggles. Imagine being in fifth-grade and accidentally getting stoned at school. Not only did you accidentally get stoned at school, but you got stoned off of GRANDPA'S pot candies. Something tells me snack time was lit that day, too bad there wasn't a nap to follow. 



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