Cruise Ship Joel Taylor Allegedly OD'd Says Zero Tolerance Drug Policy

The alleged overdosed that caused the death of "Storm Chaser" star, Joel Taylor, is now being investigated by the FBI. It's been reported that Joel was doing GHB late Monday night into Tuesday morning at a wild party on board the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Harmony Of The Seas, when he lapsed into unconsciousness on the dance floor. He was then carried to his cabin, where he was found later the next morning and pronounced dead.

Passengers say there where huge quantities of drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, and GHB being passed around freely among partygoers. There were also several drug related arrests at the Ft. Lauderdale port before the ship had even left. The FBI is now investigating Taylor's death, how drugs got on the ship, and who supplied them. Royal Caribbean claims to have a strict "zero tolerance" drug policy, but how strictly is that being enforced????

Let me tell ya a true story- I went on a cruise once. I remember going through security at the port and expecting it to be like airport security but found it was much, MUCH, more laid back. The first night on the ship I was just hanging out in the hot tub where I met this interesting couple. Before even learning their names, I learned that they were on acid. When they told me, I immediately was like "whaaaaaaaaaaat. How the heck did you get that on here?" and they told me they've gone on several cruises and bring drugs with them almost every time. Sooooooooooo about that "strict" policy..... 



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