Jonas Brothers Continue Fueling Reunion Rumors


Now I don't want to jinx anything here, but you guys........ THERE MIGHT BE A JOBRO REUNION AND I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rumors started flying when the Jonas Brothers reactivated their instagram account, with fans everywhere hoping, PRAYING that his means they're about to make a comeback. But that's not all guys, their music is ALSO back on Apple Music. BUT THAT'S ALSO NOT ALL GUYS!!!!!!! Kevin Jonas posted a picture to his instagram account earlier today of the 3 brothers in deep conversation. Could they be plotting their come back???? A GIRL CAN ONLY DREAM!!!!! I mean this looks like a serious convo....


........ and what's more serious than the Jonas Brothers getting back together? The answer is nothing. Nothing is more serious than the Jonas Brothers getting back together. TAKE ME TO THE YEAR 3000 boys!!!!!!!!!!!



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