Amazon Sends Cuban Drugs To Customer Instead Of Order

Dammit my plug RussianBear got caught!! SIKE! I don't use amazon but after reading this I need to. 

I don't even know what the craziest part about this tweet thread is to be honest. I guess we start off with the hat? I never knew there were such things as sauna hats. What is the purpose? They look like condoms for your head.

 Now to the Cuban cancer drugs. These bad boys are made with blue scorpion venom.

Didn't know these things existed but I can promise you I will not sleep tonight. And speaking of not sleeping out of fear, someone has to say it...

Wouldn't you be a little scared to narc on a Russian drug dealer? Especially one selling CUBAN BLUE SCORPION VENOM DRUGS?!?! I'd be a little afraid.

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