One Word Will Get You Kicked Out Of This NY Bar


I don't hate the rule. Not because of they're calling out my favorite family. Honestly that kinda bugs me. I love this rule for multiple reasons and here they are.

  1. Man do I hate going out! Seriously I love my bed and there is no place I'd rather be. While I am out I am literally always thinking of excuses to leave. When you tell me I am one word from being kicked out and it's not something that will ruin my reputation I will hop on the bar top and shout it to the mountains.
  2. There is something beautiful about silly rules like this. Maybe I am immature but whenever I am told I can't do something a ridiculous I will just say it as much as I can before I get out. 
  3.  Chris Traeger was my least favorite character from parks and rec and guess what?! He would last 2 minutes in there!


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