Disneyland Had A Decapitation Today

Could you imagine being a kid at Disney today?? Let's pretend you are. Close your eyes (don't actually you dummy! You need to read!). Probably just chilling enjoying your Mickey Mouse pretzel then your pops asks, "Hey Jimmy, you wanna go ride Ariel's Undersea Adventure?" Of course you say yes, only a peasant would say no. You hand your mom your mickey pretzel knowing she is on a diet and won't eat gluten so your pretzel is safe. 

Little wait to go on this ride because the imagineers are genius and its an assembly line of great times on that ride. While on the ride you see Ariel and you question how a cartoon character turned animatronic is so hot. You kinda wonder if she's into you then you realize it's not possible because she isn't real. Flounder is there shout out to flounder he's dope.... 

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!! Boom you see a decapitated Ursula. 

Shoulda just stayed and ate your pretzel Jimmy.  

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