Calvin Harris Did THIS To Be Taken Seriously


Wild move. I love it. I can't really grow that great of a beard but I try. It's one of those things I've been doing lately to hide my freshman 15. Also That's what I am calling my first year out of college. Feel like then I can get away with growing a bunch of weight, you know? Anyways not everyone is jumping on this movement. I have been told by my boss the last 4 weeks that I need to shave my beard. Push back after push back he is still fighting me on it but now I believe I have finally won the fight! 

So to Tony and all those non beard growing fools guess what?? It's 2018 and its time to take me and Calvin seriously.

Nah forreal tho if anyone has advice on how I can get my mustaches to hang out more I would really appreciate it. 


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