Cardi B Takes Over Amazon's Alexa For The Super Bowl

This little teaser released yesterday on Cardi B's instagram. At first not many knew what it was exactly for just that it would be for the Super Bowl. Now Amazon has released their star studded commercial and it is HILARIOUS!

Let's break it down in chronological order...

Gordon Ramsay yelling at normal people not being able to cook is never not funny. To be 100% honest I kind of wish he voiced the cooking side of Alexa. It might make me cook more.  

HAHAHHA how the hell does she make that noise??? I love Cardi tooo much at this point. Everything she does/says is gold. We all remember her interview on butterflies at the Grammys and now she's laughing at nerds wanting to know about Mars. 

The always funny Rebel Wilson kinda turned me on there. I mean damn I need to hear more about the bush!

I'm down with Cardi controlling the playlists. Just hook us up with Cardi and Migos and I'll be set. 

Anthony Hopkins will never not scare me. So thanks Alexa for coming back. 

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