Disney's 'Jungle Cruise' Adds Emily Blunt To Cast


Honestly I forgot they were making this ride into a movie. You can never go wrong with the Rock and now Emily Blunt will join the cast. She's also Mary Poppins soooo ya, Emily Blunt is loaded. 

As for the direction of the film I’ve been looking all over the place for something. I think the goal for Disney is to find the next Pirates franchise (good luck those movies are in my top 3 all time). Obviously Jungle Cruise is a great ride and pretty much a neighbor to Pirates at WDW. From what I’ve seen it seems they will go for a darker twist on the ride. Will the animals talk? Will it just be a movie about elephants and shrunken heads?? Whatever they do it will probably be setting up future movies.

Also worth nothing is a long time ago there were talks of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen staring in the film. No confirmation if the will be joining the Rock and Poppins.  


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