Michelle Obama Reveals The Gift That Melania Trump Got Her

Michelle Obama will appear on Ellen tomorrow and talk about a moment that America was left in the dark about. Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama a gift on inauguration day last year. Michelle kinda had that "what the hell just happened" look after receiving the gift. It honestly might have been the first time in history that anyone received a tiffany box and looked annoyed. We now finally know why though!

Michelle wasn't being a hater she was just confused! Everything is setup to go exactly the way it always has on inauguration day. They didn't plan for Melania to bring gifts! 

As for the gift, I guess it's cool? Kinda lame to be honest. If I found out I was getting a gift from a billionaire I'm definitely thinking that I'm about to get something cool. Matter of fact let me list the top 3 things I would want a billionaire to get me..

1. A jetpack

Damn do I want a jetpack. I know they aren't real yet but I also think Area 51 has to be filled with jet packs, but that a completely different subject. 

2. Flame thrower

WOAHHHHHH. Low key only put this one to post this girl.

3. Private Jet

Nothing screams rich more than the private jet life. 

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