Justin Timberlake Had A Birthday Yesterday

Let me start off by saying I love me some Justin Timberlake. He is the best in the game right now and nobody is even remotely close. That being said JT was definitely caught up in the classic, "by the way it's my birthday". Let's look at the first video of the day.

Man is he a cool cat (yes I'm 80). Getting faded up and playing his new music. JT is feeling good getting ready for the Super Bowl. Throws in some cool facts about his new album and oh boom its all his birthday. I would be lying to say I've never done it before. I personally like to go with the "thanks for all the birthday wishes. I am truly #BLESSED". I like to call it 'pulling a Becky', white girls love to self promote ya know? Anyways, happy birthday JT I had no idea but because you just posted I gotta wish you a happy birthday. 

Damn reminder number 2. I get it he is showing us his new music and having a great day but 2 post about your birthday JT? Cmon man...

WOAH!! Just in case you were wondering, the day hasn't changed and it's still Justin Timberlake's birthday. My man pulled 3 Beckys today. Wild move for an absolute legend. But kings stay kings and because you're the GOAT I respect the move.

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