Kim Kardashian Sends All Her Haters Valentine's Day Gifts

I guess hating Kim Kardashian gets you cool awesome gifts! Say what you want about Kim K but how can you not respect this move? As someone who really appreciates a good passive aggressive "FU" I am in love with this. Let's check out the list starting with Taylor Swift. 

We all know about Kanye West and T Swift feuding for years. Then Kanye dropped 'Famous'. The opening line kinda says it best as to why Taylor may hate both Kanye and Kim...

Next up is one of my least favorite people in the world, Blac Chyna. I was a big Rob guy. Which now that I type that Big Rob is a great nickname for my man to go by. After everything that went down in the divorce and trying to ruin his already terrible life it just left a bad taste in my mouth. 

P!nk is on the list. I'm just going to state that because it's news but not say anything else because Pink is a BADASS!

Also on the list, Wendy Williams...

I normally like Wendy but I thought everything she was saying was completely wrong. This is by far top Insta post of my life    

Clearly someone was just jealous they don't look like that...

End of the day, haters gon' hate & Kim K gon' win!

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