Plane Is Forced To Turn Around Because Of A Clogged Toilet

I have started this blog 35 times now. I keep changing my take because it is quite possibly the strangest story I've ever seen. So lets just state the facts before we start. There was a plane flying from Oslo to Munich. On this plane were 85 employees from a plumbing company. Someone pooped 20 minutes into the flight and clogged the toilet. The plane had to turn around and be fixed.


First let's get the vibe of flying. I get it there are some people who love travel and they get so excited to fly but those people are assholes. Seriously, what the hell is fun about sitting in a tight area for hours on end? What's fun about being in an enclosed area where 9 times out of 10 there is going to be a douchebag who is going to bring the smelliest food known to man?

Now to pooping on the plane. I get it, when you have to go you have to go. This rule however does not apply when you're on a plane. Once again, this is an ENCLOSED sanctuary taking you from one destination to another. Sit there and hold it like an adult. 

Unfortunately that wasn't the case on this flight. Someone gambled and lost. They went poop 20 minutes into the flight.. 20 minutes!!!! How does someone let this happen?? Rule one of flying is poop before you get one the plane. This is day one stuff boys and girls. But like most common sense situations, humanity f'd up. And boyyyyy did they really screw the pooch on this one. 

Could you imagine being this person? You poop 20 minutes into the plane and I'm not saying they were judged for that as soon as they stood up and headed towards the bathroom they should have been judged by everyone. You sit down do your business and hopefully you did it quiet then you go to flush. It doesn't work. Immediate panic would rush through my body. To be honest I'd probably just sit there the rest of the flight. Wait that thing out and hope no one says anything. Obviously that wasn't the case and now you turn into the most hated person on the plane. 

As soon as wheels are up full expectation is to is to land where the destination is. If I hear on the pilot in their somber voice say "someone pooped we can't unclog it so we have to turn around", I am going for blood. What a douche move. 

I hope that person is on the no fly list now. 

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