Groundhog Attempts Escape, Journalist Gets Bit In Process

Crazy scene as Shubenacadie Sam bounced out his crib to make his prediction. I guess there is going to be an early spring. I can get down with that. I am so freakin sick and tired of having to wash salt off my car. So thanks Sam for the prediction. Now to the escape...

At first when I was shown the video I thought my man was going to make it out. Is it bad I was rooting for Sam the groundhog to make his great escape a successful one? I feel bad for this dude, he's getting the Kardashian celebrity treatment and he didn't ask for that. 

As for the big J Journalist Brett I appreciate you helping but I also think you should have probably just let my mans go. Would be pretty funny to have the headline "MISSING: Shubenacadie Sam escapes captivity, also earl spring yay!".

As for how the two are doing, well this is Brett.

And Sam is basking in fame. 

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